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The thalassotherapy, the spa, the improvement of the physical form, stress management, treatments inspired by traditional medicines, massages, aesthetic treatments ..., are part of a philosophy of holistic life in a warm environment, which enhances both the body as the mind. At Canet Lifestyle we promote health, wellbeing and beauty, to accompany aging optimally, adopt healthy lifestyles and do it in a way that they can continue those rituals in their city, after their holidays.


The hotels you will find are dedicated to well-being, physical fitness, using quality products, accompanying you in a comprehensive manner. You will be able to take advantage of a fabulous environment between sea and mountains, with a balanced and flavourful diet, together with professionals trained in the application of the specific programs you have chosen. We can also accompany you before and after medical treatment or cosmetic surgery. Everything is designed so that you can prolong the benefits of your stay and change previous lifestyles by new beneficial rituals for your health.


We propose several programs, from a day (day out), 3 days (city break), a week to change, 2 weeks to grow, 3 weeks to optimize. The infrastructures with which we work will make you take advantage of the benefits of nature on physical and mental health. In effect, changing surroundings and being close to nature reduces anger, anxiety and stress; improves the immune system, increases positive emotions and vitality. The establishments develop programs detoxifying, regenerating, both on the food aspect and with applied products. These products are associated with rituals allowing purify and cleanse the body in depth, and clarify thoughts. Infrastructures also have advanced treatments with state-of-the-art equipment, such as radiofrequency, LPG, etc.


Those interested can come as a family, with friends or with groups to take advantage of a week of relaxation, or also to prepare an event, professional seminar or sports competition.